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(810) 678-3131 



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Chuck & Judy Erkfitz - Natures Better Way

Who are we?

• We’re a little different - or so we’ve been told.

• We are not a “Health Food Store” in the traditional sense..

• We’re a small family business with a BIG history.

• For more than 80 years our family has been involved in one way or another in the nutrition and wellness business. In 1935 Erwin (dad) & Dagny (mom) Erkfitz were first introduced to ideas about natural health by the legendary Bernarr Macfadden. Over the years they became friends and colleagues with people like Paul Bragg, Lelord Kordel, Bernard Jensen D.C., Dr Goodhart D.C. & Victor Irons to mention only a few. Richard Devos, cofounder of Amway , in a personal note to dad, referred to him as "a man ahead of the times".

Our family's involvement in the wellness business has included:

• Owning and operating several wholesale health & wellness products companies. One of the first, if not, the first wholesale health food distributing companies in the country, Health Food Distributors (HFD), was started by mom & dad in 1939. In fact Natures Better Way purchases products today from HFD.

• Owning and operating several retail health food stores in the Detroit area.

• Owning and operating several network marketing - direct sale health oriented companies with an international team.

Oh! While Mom & Dad were in the process of developing another of their wholesale health food companies, Nutrition Aids, dad decided to walk across the country. Yes, in the fall of 1958, when I was 13 and brother John was 10, dad decided to set the record for walking coast to coast from the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles to the Atlantic Ocean at New York City.

He did it. He completed the hike in 67 and 1/2 days averaging 45 miles a day. Yes, 45 miles a day. He finished up walking through the streets of New York and finishing up his stroll on the Dave Garroway Show (The Today Show now).


He was a guest on Gary Moore's                                        "I've Got A Secret" TV program.

Check it out on youtube at                         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrAxYKMDV24


As is obvious, dad was a promoter of walking as one of the best exercises a person could do. In 1958 he helped organize what has come to be known as The Mackinac Bridge Walk and was one of the first two people to cross (race across) The Mighty Mac on foot. They finished in a dead heat. Here they are congratulated by then Michigan Governor G. Mennan (Soapy) Williams .

Only 68 people (Mom and brother John and I were there) made the walk in June of 1958. The walk is now held each Labor Day and is attended by many, many thousands of people each year.

In 1987 Dad fulfilled another thing on his bucket list when he published The Health Poetry Prescription, a compilation of health poetry and health songs. In his own words "I have EARNESTLY ENDEAVORED (Earnest Endeavor was his pen name) to present something that is good for humanity".

What are we about?

Assisting those looking for natural ways to promote and/or improve their health.

What do we do?

• Assist people in finding information about health/wellness.

• Help you feel better naturally.

• Provide people with access to the highest quality Herbal & Immune system products at wholesale prices -                          BUY DIRECT & SAVE.

• We’re not doctors, we can’t diagnose and we will not prescribe.                        Please read Disclaimer.

Over the years the “family business” has been thru a number of changes.


NATURES BETTER WAY has been operating in the thumb area of Michigan since the summer of 1992.

• Part of the business is involved with 2 direct sales companies.                               

Nature’s Sunshine  Products    

                 (simply the best herbal products available)      

  and                                                                                                                                                  4 LIFE RESEARCH LLC                               

                                       (the immune system company)                               

                            producer of Transfer Factor Tri-Factor.

The revolutionary immune system product. Check it out!!


This provides customers with the best prices on unique & top quality health/wellness products.

• Another part of our business is retail sales to customers in our geographic area. Many customers, once they understand what we do, decide they want save and order direct through a local business.

As Independent distributors with these companies we offer a DIRECT LINK to the manufacturer. Our customers have learned the benefit of purchasing direct through a local distributor (price & freshness & support) rather than buying from a BIG BOX STORE or blindly searching out and buying from a website where most of the time you can’t even find a contact phone number (who are you going to contact if you’re not satisfied?).

• We also offer opportunities to people interested in developing a wellness business of their own. Whether someone is already involved in their own business or just starting out, the companies we represent offer a unique opportunity for those that have a sincere desire to help. The wellness business now represents a multi-billion dollar business. The opportunity is significant..

This website is a starting point. There are many products listed here. You cannot, however, buy from this site. It is not an e-commerce site. There is also a fair amount of information and links to other information.

We wish to point out again that we are not doctors and cannot diagnose and do not prescribe. We do, however, provide a source for top-of-the-line herbal, nutriceuticle, and transferceuticle products recommended by practitioners in the various health fields.

With the ever increasing interest in nutritional supplementation as a main factor in promoting health, more and more people are DEMANDING THE BEST. The products that we offer are truly UNIQUE & TOP-OF-THE-LINE.

We feel that once you review what we have to offer, you will agree that Natures Better Way will be a valuable asset in your overall health program.

If you want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email or snail mail.